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Rocker Cover Racing



Rocker Cover Racing - New for our 2023 Rally!


Club member Peter Scanes, along with his wife Angela (our Treasurer and Newsletter Editor) caused much excitement at this year’s Annual Rally with the introduction of Rocker Cover Racing - or Valve Cover Racing if you’re that way inclined. 


The rules were simple – build a vehicle using an old rocker cover, to fit the track width of 10 inches. Other than that, anything goes, apart from adding an engine of course! 


We had an amazing turnout, with an impressive variety of vehicles, some of our members really had gone all out. Peter had made a brilliant track, which he attached to his pickup, and we all had great fun seeing whose car would get down it the fastest (or in some cases, get down it at all). 




Things we learnt from the day: 

  1. You need to make sure your wheels track properly, else you’ll end up stuck on the side. This sadly happened to quite few entries. 
  2. The initial slope needs to be just a wee bit steeper to give the cars more of a push. 
  3. It’s brilliant fun, and none of us can wait until next year, so there’s a good chance Peter will set the track up again at some point so we can all hone and test our building skills in the interim! 



This year Peter's 'Road Hog' design won the passing public vote, and Angela's bus made the quickest run after each vehicle had made two runs. It was all above board we promise! 




Dave Walder won the 'Room for Improvement' prize, his car 'The Tank' was the slowest after one successful run.



If you’d like to join in, have a read of the rules, then grab an old rocker cover and some wheels from your garage, car boot sale, autojumble or eBay, and get designing! We’d love to see your entries next year.